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    Changzhou Wanshida Electric Manufacture Co., Ltd. has been researching and producing many kinds of garments machinery for more than fifteen years. Especially, we have successfully applied ultrasonic technology in garments machinery and have own patent for our technology of our machines. It's a real new technology for the processing of garments and textiles. Our products are not only sold in domestic market, but also exported abroad, such as U.S.A, etc.……

    Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machine, Ultrasonic Sealing Machine, Ultrasonic Non Woven Bag Making Machine, Ultrasonic Quilting Machine,Ultrasonic Cutting Machine, Ultrasonic Surgical Gown Making Machine, Ultrasonic Mask Machinery,Ultrasonic Shoe Cover Making Machine,Ultrasonic Surgical Cap Making Machine,Ultrasonic Wired Ribbon Making Machine